AutoDoc is a new Mobile App custom designed for the Professional Auto Body Repair Estimator. Save time by streamlining workflow and increasing the integrity of your information management. Designed specifically for wireless end-user mobile devices, such as the Android Galaxy Tab and the Apple IPad, AutoDoc brings the damage-estimating user into the 21st century.

The AutoDoc system takes full advantage of the newest Smart-Mobile Device hardware including touch-screen interactivity and on-board camera, and syncs to the users desktop workstation wirelessly. It saves hundreds of hours of frustrating paperwork by efficiently gathering and organizing estimate and insurance claim data from customers while reducing the confusion of manual mistakes. Automotive Damage Estimators gain the advantage of data clarity and gain peace-of-mind.

Being custom designed and developed from the ground up with the end-user in mind, AutoDoc is being tested and approved by professional estimators. Our goal is to make AutoDoc the Global Standard in Auto Body Management Software.